The world's first weekly online fitness competition.


The WOD Weeklies is an online competition series consisting of four annual 10-week competitions. Here’s how it works.

  1. Register before the beginning of one of the four 10-week seasons seasons.

    Season 1 — Jan 1st - March 10th

    Season 2 — April 1st - June 9th

    Season 3 — July 1st - Sept 8th

    Season 4 — Oct 1st - Dec 8th

2. During each 10-week season, weekly WODs will be announced online every Monday at 9am PST.

3. You will have one week to complete the WOD and enter your video submission online.

4. Each week’s winners will be announced and receive prizes from our incredible sponsors. The winners for the entire 10 week season will be announced at the end of the season and will receive larger prizes.



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