The world's first weekly online fitness competition.

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WOD Weeklies is the world’s first weekly online fitness competition. Here’s how it works.

  1. Register before the beginning of one of the 4 annual seasons.

    Season 1 — Jan 1st - March 15th

    Season 2 — April 1st - June 15th

    Season 3 — July 1st - Sept 15th

    Season 4 — Oct 1st - Dec 15th

2. During each season, weekly WODs will be announced online every Sunday at 5pm PST. Our WODs are programmed to be short and fun, as to not interfere with your regular training.

3. You will have one week to complete the WOD and enter your video submission online.

4. Each week is considered its own competition and weekly winners will be awarded cash prizes (amounts based on weekly participation). You’re welcome to come and go as you please week by week, but there will be leaderboard standings each season and season winners will be awarded additional cash prizes.



"I have several people at my gym interested in doing this, even to the point where they've requested we program the workouts on a certain day so they can make sure to get in it!!!" - Dani Elle Speegle | Ranked 50th in US