Season 3, 2019 (July - September)


Workout #3

For Time:

50 Calorie airbike

50 cals for Male / 40 for female

scaled - 40 cals for male / 30 for female

Video Standards

The monitor must be set to zero before beginning and you must film your monitor. The judge’s clock begins as soon as the athlete begins pedaling. The athlete may adjust their seat at any time but cannot touch the monitor. The monitor must be filmed as the athlete crosses the prescribed calorie threshold. If you have a fixed shot on your monitor the entire time, you must at some point (before or after) show your face and state your name to the camera and your legs or arms must remain in frame the entire time. Best practice is to have a second person filming to keep you in frame as well as show your monitor as your cross your threshold.

Video Submission Rules:

All videos must be unedited. Your must state your name at the beginning of the video, and stay in the frame of the video for duration of the workout. All movements and reps must clearly be demonstrated to standard in full view. Fisheye or wide angle lenses may be rejected due to picture distortion. There must be a visible timer running in the frame of the video. If there are weights involved in the workout, you must show an up-close shot of the weights including the weight of the bar.